This is the first chapter of the next Light Fields book: Invisible Mountain

“Ok,” Claire said. “We’re here.” James and Claire stepped off the caterpillar and onto the broken pavement. The Caterpillar making a sound like a stream of air, as it lifted up and curled up in its first motions to its next destination. As always, James was distracted examining the lines of each break in the ground, until he finally noticed how close they were to the door. James had been to the magic officers center before, but only in dreams, and, physically, in the remote viewing…

In real life, I am a grad student at an arts college in San Francisco, working late on marketing projects, form exploration, and obsessing over typography. But in Dungeons and Dragons, I am a manic depressive elven Bard named Illsinore, who only knows how to play relaxing spa music that lulls enemies into a deep, restful and relaxed state. Illsinore is not particularly heroic. In many battles, he abandons his party to go sleep behind a nearby bush. …

Mitch Greer

Artist, designer, and composer living in the East Bay.

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